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Slide Rule Express Service! Order a rule today and it'll ship tomorrow. No more waiting for checks to arrive and then to clear. Just tell me that "the check is in the mail", and I'll just take your word for it! This seeming ridiculously naive policy is possible because of the extremely low observed correlation between an appreciation for slide rules and a tendency to stiff people. Yes! this is all due to slide rule lovers' credit worthiness as a class*. My default shipping mode is $10 for "ground" delivery. (Sorry, Slide Rule Express is available to U.S. residents only because I don't know how much to tell international customers to send for shipping. So email me and we'll work it out.)

The 3 components of a Slide Rule Express Order:

Please send me email telling me:

1. Which rule(s) you are ordering. (N.B. the minimum order for a slide rule express is $30, excluding shipping.)

2. Your (U.S.) shipping address. (Sorry, but I cannot provide this service for international orders due the vagaries of shipping cost.)

3. That your payment is on it's way to the address just below**.

And . . . what happens next ? . . . !!!

My mailing address is:
David Crate
PO Box 27483
Tempe, AZ 85282

Daytime telephone (weekdays): (480) 377 0400 x317

NOTE! Slide Rule Express is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL!. If you prefer to contact me prior to placing an order, please feel free to do so. I am happy to answer any questions that you have regarding my slide rules or about rules in general. (Other subjects may be treated as well but will elicit unpredictable responses prone to being woefully bereft of Political Rectitude.) The impetus behind this "express" system is to get slide rules in the hands of the "slide rule needy" as quickly as reasonably possible. If you find it unuseful, ignore it and just send me an email with whatever is on your mind. Maybe you can explain the number "e" to me. (Yeah, I know it's the base of natural logarithms. But I'm looking for something a little more intuitive.)

*(although it was pure luck, I can't help congratulating myself on my choice of clientele - if you're going to provide a product or service, consider one that is likely to attract a customer who is educated, self-sufficient, discerning and likely to appreciate both you and your efforts. It makes everything so much easier!)

**(Please be explicit about payment being in the custody of the U.S. Mail or other shipper; I will not ship until you tell me that payment is actually sent - and please remember to include $10 shipping. The rationale for this policy is: although slide rule customers are, it seems, invariably honest, they can also be a little "preoccupied" (also known as "absent minded"). I am a prime example of this phenomena. Letters to-be-mailed can languish in the foyer for days. (but not out-going slide rule packages, my staff takes care of them, so don't worry!) Thus, good intentions are a necessary but insufficent condition to keep my cash flow out of the red.

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